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Mercury Retrograde provides a cosmic course correction, to adjust and change elements of your journey.  This window of time occurs consistentyly every 79 years with incredible exactness.

Major Aspects in 

June 2017

June 3 - Venus conjunct Uranus - 27 Aries

June 6 - Mercury enters Gemini

June 9 - Sun opposition Moon - FULL MOON - 18 Gemini / 18 Sagittarius 

June 9 - Jupiter turns direct - 13 Libra

June 13 - Mercury trine Jupiter - 13 Gemini / 13 Libra

June 15 - Sun opposition Saturn - 24 Gemini / 24 Sagittarius

June 16 - Neptune turns retrograde - 14 Pisces

June 18 - Mercury opposition Saturn -  24 Gemini / 24 Sagittarius

June 20 - Sun enters Cancer - Solstice

June 21 - Mercury enters Cancer

June 21 - Sun conjunct Mercury - 0 Cancer

June 23 - Sun conjunct Moon - NEW MOON - 3 Cancer

June 24 - Venus trine Pluto - 19 Taurus / 19 Capricorn

June 28 - Mercury conjunct Mars - 16 Cancer

June 29 - Mercury opposition Pluto - 18 Cancer / 18 Capricorn

July 2 - Mars opposition Pluto - 18 Cancer / 18 Capricorn

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Mercury Retrograde OnLine News - April/May 2017

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Mercury Retrograde 

The Purpose of Mercury Retrograde

The Mercury retrograde in April 10th to May 3rd 2017 provides the cosmic course correction, allowing the True Self to emerge, setting the stage for the next nine-year cycle, from 2017-2025. 

Mercury retrograde in Aries provides the changes that open the door for the True Self to emerge, setting the pace for the next nine years. The Aries aspect highlights the Self that comes from the inner essence to find the natural expression in the outside world. The transparency between the inner and outer is becoming a fine line that is providing a clearer outer expression from the inner self. With this Mercury retrograde, coming on the heels of the Venus retrograde also in Aries, the alignment with the True Self stems from the elements that are now being given the freedom to emerge. The Aries constellation is ruled by action-oriented Mars, highlighting the energy that comes with expression and also shows the qualities that the Self has as a natural projection of the inner essence. With this Mercury retrograde connecting to Uranus, the changes and adjustments that occur during this time peel back the restrictions from previous situations and bring forward the opportunities and stepping stones to move forward in true expression of the Self.

Mercury turns retrograde while Venus retrogrades out of Aries and back into Pisces, to bring focus to the spiritual aspect of the True Self, emphasizing the intuition and the Divine awareness. Venus, ruling love, money and well-being is bringing the alignment with the self as Mercury brings the focus of Aries to align with true value and expression. With both of the important retrogrades emphasizing the Aries elements of the True Self, the shifts and changes that take place in April peel back the restrictions to allow the transparency to reveal the true essence. The results of the final transitions of Mercury, bring in a new journey, stepping stones being reveals as Mercury turns direct on May 3rd. The unencumbered True Self will emerge and walk into a new life.

With this Mercury retrograde spanning 24 Aries to 5 Taurus, information comes into peel back the old situations and restrictions to reveal the True Self. The journey experienced from 2008 to 2016 became the earned passage into this journey to reveal the True Self.   

To truly understand the significance of this Mercury retrograde, see the choices made by the True Self that will peel back the layers, providing transparency to the inner self, while Pluto provides the shifts and changes that create the stepping stones into our new journey.  The impact of this Mercury retrograde is discussed in the three sections of the Mercury Retrograde Online News, Mercury retrograde influence; according to your Sun Sign, according to your Birth Chart, according to your Personal Year in Numerology.
The Mercury Retrograde OnLine News provides an innovative interpretation of this important cosmic course correction that shifts your life direction from one way into another. During Mercury retrograde your purpose is to gain a greater understanding of these times and your feelings about your inner values and how these aspects create major stepping stones of truth as you move along your spiritual journey. The Mercury Retrograde OnLine News presents the changes that you will experience as this important planet impacts your sun sign, your birth chart and your personal year. The OnLine News gives you insight into the changes that are emerging and how these changes will impact you and those close to you.  

What are the three PHASES of this Mercury Retrograde?

Mercury reaches 24 Aries - March 25

Mercury turns retrograde 5 Taurus - April 9

Mercury turns direct 24 Aries - May 3

Mercury reveals the True Self and brings the new journey for the new nine-year cycle, emerging the stepping stones to take us into our new life. 

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Today Mercury turns direct, opening the floodgates of information that represents the changes that are moving you forward in your life.  Mercury has collected and revised your direction according to the inner essence and how you interact that essence in relationships, partnerships, business and friendships.  Mercury turning direct opens the directions that have been your major pursuit throughout the year.  Seemingly hitting the wall when Mars was retrograde in Libra for the first seven months of the year, now the information collected sends you into a new direction as opportunities emerge that call you forward.