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Mercury Retrograde provides a cosmic course correction, to adjust and change elements of your journey.  This window of time occurs consistently with incredible exactness.

Major Aspects in February 2020

February 2 - Mercury reaches 28 Aquarius   (Mercury retrograde return point - same degree reached on March 9th)

February 3 - Mercury enters Pisces

February 9 - Sun opposition Moon - 20 Aquarius / 20 Leo - FULL MOON 

February 16 - Mars enters Capricorn

February 16 - Mercury reaches 13 Pisces - hovers til February 18th - Turns retrograde

February 18 - Sun shifts into Pisces - Mercury moves retrograde - 13 Pisces

February 21 - Mars trine Uranus - 3 Capricorn / 3 Taurus

February 23 - Sun conjunct Moon - NEW MOON - 4 Pisces

February 25 - Sun conjunct Mercury retrograde - 7 Pisces

February 28 - Venus square Pluto - 24 Aries / 24 Capricorn


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Mercury Retrograde OnLine News

February / March 2020

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Mercury Retrograde February March 2020

The Purpose of Mercury Retrograde
To truly understand the significance of this Mercury retrograde, look to the location of  Mercury retrograde in Pisces, which brings forward the elements of the Pisces sector. Pisces relates to the inner spiritual elements of our essence. Intuition and connections to the Divine source are integral to the Pisces focus. Pisces is a water sign, which makes the energy very fluid, and the Pisces energy becomes subject to ebb and flow of feelings. Aligned with a Divine connection and purpose the Pisces energy has a stronger essence to bring the invisible energy into manifestation in the outside world. Pisces rules our spiritual blueprints, as a map of our journey through life to gain greater sense of spirit and connect to the Divine Source within all of Life.

Mercury Retrograde 2020 - The Power of Accountability

There are three Mercury retrogrades to be experienced in 2020 and they are all in water signs, Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio. However, two of the Mercury retrogrades touch back into air signs that emphasize relationships, such as Pisces back into humanitarian-oriented Aquarius in February/March and Scorpio back into partnership-oriented Libra in October/November.

The water signs emphasize emotional awareness and the alignment with the intuitive connection to the spiritual level, and touch back into air signs to emphasize how we relate our spiritual concepts in connection with others. From the four levels of awareness, we have the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, with the emotional realm as the doorway into the spiritual realm.

With the Mercury retrogrades of 2020 from the emotional realms back into how we treat and communicate with others will see the information gathered from this level to make the adjustments in the physical levels of our life. According to our inner essence of emotional and spiritual awareness, the status of these levels are used to determine the journey we will have as we move through 2020.

Mercury Retrogrades for 2020

February 18 to March 10
12 Pisces back to 28 Aquarius

June 19 to July 12
14 Cancer back to 5 Cancer

October 15 to Nov 3
11 Scorpio back to 26 Libra

Mercury Retrograde OnLine News

The impact of this Mercury retrograde is discussed in the three sections of the Mercury Retrograde Online News.   Mercury retrograde influences several elements of astrology and numerology;

Section 1 - According to your Sun Sign,

Section 2 - According to your Birth Chart,

Section 3 - According to your Personal Year in Numerology.

The alignment of this Mercury retrograde is critical to have the inner and outer connect with our purpose and passion.  Aligning our motives, ethics and intentions to empower others allows us to walk the pathway that brings together our inner and outer connections.  Transparency provides this indepth view of all that is at the core of our being that is driving our thoughts, words and actions.  Having a desire to make a difference is our expression of the core of our life.

The Mercury Retrograde OnLine News provides an innovative interpretation of this important cosmic course correction that shifts your life direction from one way into another. During Mercury retrograde your purpose is to gain a greater understanding of these times and your feelings about your inner values and how these aspects create major stepping stones of truth as you move along your spiritual journey. The Mercury Retrograde OnLine News presents the changes that you will experience as this important planet impacts your sun sign, your birth chart and your personal year. The OnLine News gives you insight into the changes that are emerging and how these changes will impact you and those close to you.  This Mercury retrograde in Pisces (back into last few degrees of Aquarius) will have a major impact through revealing critical information as to our inner spiritual essence.  This process will have a dynamic impact as our spiritual blueprints are adjusted   

Mercury reaches 28 Aquarius February 2nd
Mercury turns retrograde 13 Pisces February 16 (actually moves retrograde Feb 18)
Mercury turns direct at 28 Aquarius March 9th
Mercury reaches 13 Pisces March 30th

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Today Mercury turns direct, opening the floodgates of information that represents the changes that are moving you forward in your life.  Mercury has collected and revised your direction according to the inner essence and how you interact that essence in relationships, partnerships, business and friendships.  Mercury turning direct opens the directions that have been your major pursuit throughout the year.  Seemingly hitting the wall when Mars was retrograde in Libra for the first seven months of the year, now the information collected sends you into a new direction as opportunities emerge that call you forward.