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Major Aspects in 

May 2018

May 1 - Sun opposition Jupiter - 17 Taurus / 17 Scorpio

May 13 - Mercury conjunct Uranus - 29 Aries

May 13 - Mercury enters Taurus

May 15 - Sun conjunct Moon - NEW MOON - 24 Taurus

May 15 - Uranus enters Taurus

May 15 - Mars enters Aquarius

May 16 - Mars square Uranus - 0 Aquarius / 0 Taurus

May 22 - Mercury opposition Jupiter - 16 Taurus / 16 Scorpio

May 25 - Venus opposition Saturn - 8 Cancer / 8 Capricorn

May 29 - Sun opposition Moon - 8 Gemini / 8 Sagittarius 


2017 Overview

The previous ONE* years' occurred in 2008, 1999, 1990, 1981, 1972, 1963, etc. You can look at your own past history to see the events and themes of each of these years, and begin to see a theme appear out of this history. Clearing the decks of the past situations to prepare for the next nine-year cycle becomes the active theme all the way through the year with the spotlight of major shifts beginning in October, November and December to open to the following TWO* year (*in numerology terms)



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Celestial Trends - April 2018

April 2018 Overview

April is universally a SIX month, emphasizing the changes within our home and work environment. Mercury retrograde is still in full swing and in fact, Sun connects with Mercury on April 1st, shining the light onto the information that is integral to the changes that are happening. Mercury continues to move behind the Sun for the first two weeks of April making us feel uncertain about the changes we have experienced. Mercury turns direct on April 15th, as we stagger our of the wind tunnel bringing in a level of commitment to the pathway that holds the new phase of our journey. The New Moon on the 15th, heralds in the True Self as we begin our new phase. Saturn turns retrograde on the 17th, which requires we step up to the plate with our commitment and disciplined action plan. Sun shines the light onto the changes that Uranus has directed since 2011 to spotlight the person we have evolved into being as our True Self. Pluto turns retrograde on April 22nd as Mars joins Pluto on the 26th to ignite our journey and how we use our will power to make a difference. The Full Moon on the 29th emphasizes the Taurus/Scorpio sectors, highlighting the inner and outer values we bring to life as aligned with our will power to make a difference.

April 1st through April 7th
This week we begin moving the changes from March into April. April is universally a SIX month, emphasizing the changes that will now begin to be integrated into our home and work environment. Mercury retrograde is still in full swing and in fact, Sun connects with Mercury on April 1st, shining the light onto the information that is integral to the changes that are happening. As Sun spotlights the elements that will begin shifting the elements and themes in our home and work, we will also have to adjust to our new pathway evolving in April. Throughout the week we revise our thoughts and ideas to integrate solutions into discussions, as a closer look at situations become the point of attention. Our focus, revised goals and direction becomes the subject that unfolds solutions. Continuing to adjust our goals takes up the rest of the week, with Friday, bringing in a more solid agreement with solutions integrated. Business contracts and agreements are revised to reflect new decisions and resolutions.

April 8th through April 14th
This week, brings in situations that emphasize the various perspectives of people that are pulled together to resolve situations. Mercury continuing to be retrograde also gives us an additional view of motives, ethics and values that drive each person and situations. Mercury retrograde in Aries gives us the ability to see and hear others as their perspective is voiced to bring resolutions into situations. This gives us the chance to see how a person perceives the problems and brings in ideas for solutions. Throughout the week problems continue to be discussed as solutions seem to be illusive as the diverse perspectives are built on a whole spectrum of personal concepts. The extreme spectrum of concepts becomes an overview of how different each person’s perspective. To find the right solutions, those that truly have the greater perspective will need to speak up, bringing in a greater dynamic of activities that are linked to a higher level and viewpoint. The ELEVEN / TWO year of 2018 requires this higher perspective to be brought forward in order to truly integrate the right solution.

April 15th through April 21st
This week, begins with many circumstances spinning, as Mercury turns direct early Sunday morning and by late Sunday evening the New Moon in Aries pushes us into a new direction. Monday’s aspect brings Venus and Jupiter into balance as the Venus solutions will be balanced with Jupiter’s transparency of motives, ethics and values. Solutions that are driven by displaced motives will no longer work and will have to be replaced by solutions that are geared to the ELEVEN focus instead of the lower octave of the TWO. Saturn turning retrograde in Capricorn bring a disciplined approach to the forefront that requires the new perspective to be built on reality, not on the transparency of displaced motives, ethics and values. Wednesday, Sun connects with Uranus at 28 Aries, spotlighting the true self and the changes that are emerging. Thursday as Sun enters Taurus, more emphasis is placed on the values that are at the foundation of the solutions, as growing the right situation requires solid values not personal agendas.

April 22nd through April 28th
This week, we begin with powerful Pluto turning retrograde, ready to go back of key situations to address issues of use and mis-use of power. Tuesday brings Venus to shift into Gemini, emphasizing the communication elements that need to be at the core of the Venus-prompted solutions. On Thursday Mars conjuncts Pluto, which sparks and activates the power issues that are being addressed. With Mercury being direct in motion, information continues to stream in, however the Sun stays ahead of Mercury shining the light onto situations that need to be visible. Sun in value-oriented Taurus is shining the light on true values, while Mercury is 27 degrees behind the Sun, bringing in information that communicates the status of the true self. This perspective gives us the ability to see those that have the ELEVEN true values and the TWO personal agenda values. With 2018 being the year to separate the wheat from the chaff, this first retrograde continues to bring in transparency of situations and the motives driving the agendas.

April 29th through May 5th
This week begins with the (almost) Full Moon rising from the 28th, which continues to bring in the high tide of information about the agendas and motives that hit our shore and bring in the transparency of values. This Full Moon begins an important week highlighting 11 Taurus / 11 Scorpio. The values associated with the Taurus perspective begin to be balanced with the transparency of motives, ethics and values visible with the Scorpio Moon. With the midnight activities becoming visible through the Scorpio Moon, a new perspective also becomes visible. Mid-day Monday, Moon connects with Jupiter to reveal activities that give us additional information needed to bring balance to situations. The SEVEN month of May, lifts the veils to bring visibility to the status of situations. SEVEN pulls back the curtains to see the inner workings of people, places and things. From this visibility new assessments will be made.

May 2018 Overview
May is universally a SEVEN month, emphasizing the deeper side of situations. The month is set into motion through the Full Moon on April 29th, with Sun in value-oriented Taurus and Moon revealing the Scorpio transparency of situations. This perspective sets the pace for the SEVEN month of May. On May 8th, the Sun in Taurus emphasizes this balance as Jupiter in Scorpio reveals the inner status through transparency. On May 13th, Mercury connects with Uranus in the last degrees of Aries, bringing in information that reveals the true self. Mercury shifts into value-oriented Taurus on the same day, opening the floodgates of information that becomes a new focus of awareness. On May 15th, a New Moon brings in the new values associated with a solid foundation. Within a few hours of the New Moon, Uranus shifts into Taurus, setting a new precedence associated with a new value system. Also on May 15th, Mars activates the Aquarius themes of fairness and humanitarian rights. These aspects turn the gears to a new era. On May 22nd Mercury and Jupiter bring in the alignment of information and transparency to set the stage for this new phase. On May 25th, Venus brings solutions to balance with Saturn in Capricorn, emphasizing business adjustments and resolutions to be put into place. On May 29th, the Full Moon brings in the changes to balance information with a new alignment of goals. The SEVEN month will have brought us to a new era, aligned with transparency of values and a new attitude of fairness. The shift into this era empowered by true values sets a new precedence and requires a new level of awareness, as the ELEVEN/TWO year of 2018 requires a higher pathway.

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