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Major Aspects in 

February 2018

January 31 - Sun opposition Moon - FULL MOON | BLUE MOON | SUPERMOON | LUNAR ECLIPSE - 11 Aquarius / 11 Leo

February 3 - Venus square Jupiter - 21 Scorpio

February 7 - Moon conjunct Jupiter - 22 Scorpio

February 8 - Moon conjunct Mars - 8 Sagittarius

February 11 - Moon conjunct Saturn - 5 Capricorn

February 12 - Moon conjunct Pluto - 20 Capricorn

February 15 - Moon conjunct Mercury - 25 Aquarius

February 15  - Sun conjunct Moon - NEW MOON / SOLAR ECLIPSE - 27 Aquarius

February 16 - Chinese New Year - Year of the Dog

February 17 - Sun conjunct Mercury - 28 Aquarius

February 18 - Sun enters Pisces

February 21 - Venus conjunct Neptune - 13 Pisces

February 25 - Mercury conjunct Neptune - 14 Pisces

March 1 - Sun opposition Moon - FULL MOON - 11 Pisces / 11 Virgo 

March 4 - Sun conjunct Neptune - 14 Pisces

March 4 - Mercury conjunct Venus - 27 Pisces


2017 Overview

The previous ONE* years' occurred in 2008, 1999, 1990, 1981, 1972, 1963, etc. You can look at your own past history to see the events and themes of each of these years, and begin to see a theme appear out of this history. Clearing the decks of the past situations to prepare for the next nine-year cycle becomes the active theme all the way through the year with the spotlight of major shifts beginning in October, November and December to open to the following TWO* year (*in numerology terms)



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Celestial Trends - February 2018

February 2018 Overview

February is universally a FOUR month, emphasizing tasks, effort and the need to be organized and efficient. Four emphasizes work and the need to jump into the days and accomplish as much as possible. The Solar Eclipse, Chinese New Year and Sun conjunct Mercury brings mid-February into the spotlight as new beginnings are emphasized with a renewed sense of commitment to the directions emerging. Work and effort are required this month, with no let up. Continuing to accomplish tasks through organizing, planning and pursuing results, there will be a lot to do in February and the stack will only get taller during the month. With situations unfolding through many planetary aspects, doors open and begin to pull us forward, moving into our new directions that are in alignment with the ELEVEN/TWO themes. With February’s tasks and efforts, many steps will be taken and stairs climbed. The focus is to move up to a new level to transition into the 2018 themes and purpose.

January 28th through February 3rd
This week, January 28th through February 3rd, brings in the faster pace as Mars in Sagittarius activated many new goals and concepts. Mars moved into Sagittarius late last week, which got things motivated, especially as situations had been waiting in the wings for the right time to start moving. Tuesday night, the almost Full Moon rises, as another Supermoon (14% bigger and 30% brighter) lights up the evening sky. This end of the month event also signals a Lunar Eclipse, accentuating the Aquarius/Leo sectors to emphasize the importance of our choice of personal actions and the influence on others. The importance of our intentions and the impact on others brings in key elements to this Supermoon. The Lunar Eclipse lights up the mirror to see and feel our impact as events create situations to bring us a greater understanding. On Saturday, Venus and Jupiter reach an important angle that turns the gears to see the importance of our influence on others. Venus at 21 Aquarius and Jupiter at 21 Scorpio brings in the important aspects to our motives and intentions as they impact humanity and the larger social scope. Our awareness and understanding gains great bounds through situations emerging, especially now that February has opened a new door.

February 4th through February 10th
This week, February 4th through February 10th, we begin with Moon shifting into Scorpio on Monday as many issues and messages emerge that are the result of the transparency issue that becomes a strong focus. With Moon in Scorpio connecting with Jupiter in Scorpio mid-week, Wednesday becomes an important day when many discoveries are reported that are the result of transparency of situations, information and actions. The first three days of he week become very strong with information flooding our airwaves to bring these things to light. Thursday Moon shifts into Sagittarius and connects with Moon in the evening. The Sagittarius elements have honesty, fairness and come in a direct, to-the-point delivery. The delivery of information continues to take up the remainder of the week as transparency becomes visible and then the elements of honesty and fairness take over from there. These two signs; Scorpio and Sagittarius, provide a new level of reality this week that will also pave the way for the Solar Eclipse just a week away. The focus of information this week opens a new door that enhances the reality of situations on a very basic level, calling a spade a spade.

February 11th through February 17th
This week, we move through an important stepping stone as Moon connects with Saturn and Pluto to revise the rules of the game through seeing the mis-use of power. Saturn points out the key elements that require many shifts and changes within contract and agreements. Meetings fill up conference rooms mid-week as discussions expand into several days that ultimately bring us into a Solar Eclipse/New Moon on Thursday. This Solar Eclipse brings in the new energy with solutions and a process for going forward. The New Moon at 27 Aquarius brings the focus to humanity and the issues of fairness for “we the people” and that all decisions have to be right for everyone. The Chinese New Year celebrates this fact as Moon also connects to Venus. Saturday, Sun connects with Mercury at 28 Aquarius, which brings us the dotted line requiring we sign with a new sense of commitment. The commitment and realizations of our purpose moving forward can now move us into our new phase and theme for 2018.

February 18th through February 24th
This week, February 18th through February 24th, begins with Sun shifting into Pisces, as our spiritual blueprint is adjusted to reflect our new direction, focus and commitment. Venus connects with Neptune mid-week, bringing forward solutions and harmony with the changes to our spiritual blueprint. Pisces emphasizes the spiritual elements of life that are hidden yet capture the inner essence and connection with the Divine in order to make a difference in our expression. Within the upcoming week, Mercury will connect with Neptune as well, bringing forward more of the information surrounding the changes that have taken place in our spiritual blueprints that become visible as situations evolve. With the revisions of our blueprints, many adjustments begin to happen, and a new wave of energy drives these adjustments into place.

February 25th through March 3rd
This week begins with Mercury connecting to Neptune, to bring in and finalize the information that will adjust our spiritual blueprint. The process of Sun shifting into Pisces, Venus connecting with Neptune and this week Mercury connecting with Neptune, the adjustments and changes of our spiritual blueprints will become the target of these changes. Ultimately on March 4th, Sun connects with Neptune to spotlight the new life map that holds our journey for 2018. With Venus, Mercury and Sun connecting to Neptune, our blueprints become adjusted with the elements brought forward through transparency, and our spiritual connection with the Divine energy. The evolution of these blueprints become the stepping stones into the FIVE month of March, holding the shifts, changes and revisions that ultimately bring freedom.

March 2018 Overview
March is universally a FIVE month, emphasizes the evolution into our spiritual blueprints, themes and purpose of 2018. Events of January set the stage for the changes that emerged in February, especially during the transparency week with Moon in Scorpio and Sagittarius, February 4th through 10th. The situations revealed brought new information onto the scene to become the reasons for changes that evolved into the Solar Eclipse in mid-February. From these situations, our blueprints began to shift and change to reveal our new purpose and direction. March gives us a sense of freedom as we move forward into our journey that holds our essence and true sense of expression. March evolves and also sets the stage for the first Mercury retrograde of the year, in Aries, ruling our true self. Through the transparency that has brought in a new perspective, our true self can now be visible. With major shifts and changes that emerge before March begins this process, we begin to see a different perspective as Jupiter turns retrograde on March 8th. Jupiter has revealed the engine compartment and as it turns retrograde, begins to comb through the many situations made visible to look at on a much deeper level. From March 8th through July 10th as Jupiter shifts and moves retrograde, our revised perspective will bring even more details forward. The True Self will begin to be visible as Jupiter in Scorpio searches all of the corners for elements that reflect a real aspect to the True Self. Mercury retrograde on March 22nd, from 17 Aries back to 4 Aries, brings a renewed picture of each person as the True Self begins to be seen.

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Written by Karyl Jackson

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