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Major Aspects in 

August 2018

August 1 - Mars square Uranus - 2 Aquarius / 2 Taurus

August 7 - Uranus turns retrograde - 2 Taurus

August 8 - Sun conjunct Mercury retrograde - 16 Leo

August 11 - Sun conjunct Moon - Solar Eclipse/New Moon - 18 Leo

August 12 - Mars retrograde enters Taurus

August 18 - Mercury turn direct - 11 Leo

August 22 - Sun enters Virgo

August 26 - Sun opposition Moon - FULL MOON -3 Virgo / 3 Pisces

August 27 - Mars turns direct - 29 Capricorn


2017 Overview

The previous ONE* years' occurred in 2008, 1999, 1990, 1981, 1972, 1963, etc. You can look at your own past history to see the events and themes of each of these years, and begin to see a theme appear out of this history. Clearing the decks of the past situations to prepare for the next nine-year cycle becomes the active theme all the way through the year with the spotlight of major shifts beginning in October, November and December to open to the following TWO* year (*in numerology terms)



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Celestial Trends - June 2018

June 2018 Overview

June is universally an EIGHT month, emphasizing career, business, financial dealings as well as contracts and agreements. EIGHT is a very active and busy month, especially with all of the new changes blowing in with the Uranus winds, as the stage is set for this new focus. The key aspect of June becomes the energy of Mars moving through Aquarius. Instead of the usual 5-6 weeks, Mars reaches 9 Aquarius and turns retrograde, which keeps Mars in Aquarius for more than 5 months. This aspect sets the cog-turning scenarios as Mars creates the square to Uranus in Taurus and Jupiter in Scorpio, as the inner and outer values begin to adjust according to our actions and belief in humanity. The stage is changing as the cog turns through transparency of values and the direction of humanity begins to change. Aquarius is the more international and global focus of humanity, as the values become visible through awareness of our financial transactions. As the Uranus winds blow and layers are peeled back to gain transparency of our values, an alignment occurs to a more global value system, from the transparency of currency flow to bring balance to a level playing field. The physical value of money and finance, the mental value of contentment, the emotional value of love, and the spiritual value of well-being, all have the focus within the Taurus essence. With these elements the transparency of their values are easy to see and understand as our intentions from the previous Uranus in Aries era, March 2011 through May 2018. The intentions are planted from seeds of past words, thoughts and actions, which begin to sprout and reveal our choices through the transparency elements that are in force during this Uranus in Taurus era.

May 27th through June 2nd
This week we see the deeper elements of the situations we have been immersed in begin to rise to the surface, providing clarity to our pathway as we transition from May into June. The dynamic energy created by the Moon and Jupiter in Scorpio pulls the curtain back on Monday evening. As the early morning Sagittarius/Gemini Full Moon provides a powerful focus to our journey, information comes together to reveal the view of our pathway forward. Tuesday evening Mercury joins the Sun and Moon in Gemini, blowing in new information that provides the stepping stones of our journey out of May and into June. Moon connects with Saturn at the end of May (May 31st), giving our journey forward the structure needed to transition into June, a universal EIGHT month. EIGHT emphasizes outer activities and shifts our focus toward business situations and pursuits. Several aspects occur on June 1st that provide the positive stepping stones into a more active month. Mercury connecting to Mars accentuates the new information that blows into situations and is brought into action. Venus connecting to Jupiter brings solutions to Jupiter’s deeper issues of value and accentuates the need to expand those values that add to love, money and well-being. Venus connecting to Neptune, brings these deeper issues and solutions into align with our spiritual blueprint. The aspects continue to occur all through June that align our inner and outer Self with our spiritual journey.

June 3rd through June 9th
This week our commitment to our new direction comes into focus as Sun spotlights the information Mercury brings in to require our commitment. Signing on the dotted line provides the opening to the new gate that gives us our stepping stones forward. Each of us are shifting with the new Uranus in Taurus era, as the environment changes, reflecting the intentions that we have used during the previous Uranus in Aries era (March 2011 to May 2018). The seeds of intentions are planted and are now beginning to sprout, changing our environment and terrain. Transparency is part of the Uranus in Taurus era, as seeds of intentions can only sprout the core essence and values. Venus and Pluto bring in the values that are at the center of Pluto’s focus. As our stage begins to change, our spiritual blueprints shift as well. Mid-week, Sun and Mercury turn the gears of Neptune’s focus revealing our connection to our spiritual essence, and revising the blueprints for this Uranus in Taurus era.

June 10th through June 16th
This week begins with Moon connecting to Uranus in Taurus, as the revisions begin to take shape. Moon in Taurus creates a balance with Jupiter in Scorpio, pulling in the transparency of Scorpio’s values. This balance on Sunday sets the pace for this important week. The values we have planted with our intentions and the transparency of the growth from our seeds of thoughts and actions begin to be revealed. Mid-week, the New Moon in Gemini brings in the information that is pertinent at this time, opening the floodgates that will help us walk along our new terrain. The New Moon also brings in information that has not been visible before as the Uranus winds blow. On Friday, Mercury aligns with Saturn to bring us our tasks as associated with the journey. Mercury in Cancer gives us an alignment with feelings that will begin to also set our tasks into action. Saturn in Capricorn brings in the responsibility to act on our feelings and creates the need to align our actions with accountability.

June 17th through June 23rd
This week emphasizes the revised spiritual blueprints that have taken into account the new information and the seeds of intentions that we have planted. Tuesday marks an important point as Neptune turns retrograde at 16 Pisces, which is about halfway mark through the spiritual sign of Pisces. Neptune is the planet of spiritual connections and Pisces is ruled by Neptune, creating the need to align our inner and outer life with our spiritual blueprints. This Neptune in Pisces phase brings in a spiritual renewal as transparency also occurs through the positive trine of Jupiter in Scorpio, which has been enforce through May and June. Remaining a force all year long, the elements of Neptune revising our spiritual blueprints becomes a major factor during this time. Venus and Mars seek an important balance with the Leo/Aquarius focus toward using our will power for the benefit of others. This is also emphasized on Saturday with Mercury and Pluto aligned with information streaming forward for our use or mis-use of Pluto’s power of intention.

June 24th through June 30th
This last week of June provides an important focus as several aspects continue to be a force in our new journey. Mars turns retrograde on the 26th, bringing in a revision of our actions and choice of direction. Mars in Aquarius reveals the new direction for humanity, individually and collectively. Mars usually stays in one sign for about 6-7 weeks, but with Mars turning retrograde, the journey of Mars through Aquarius will last more than 5 months. As our journey is shifting for this new era, Mars creates a square to Uranus, turning the gears of our direction. On Wednesday Sun aligns with Saturn, emphasizing accountability and taking responsibility for our plan of action. Mercury aligned with Saturn on June 15th, bringing in information that needed our attention and now Sun will spotlight the accountability focus. Mid-week, the Full Moon also emphasizes the shifts and changes as prompted by accountability as the Full Moon brings Saturn into the mix. The Full Moon at 6 Capricorn emphasizes Saturn’s placement at 6 Capricorn as well. The responsibility and accountability of Saturn in Capricorn requires accountability of ethics, to do the right thing. This sets the pace for the transition out of June and into July by week end.

July 2018 Overview
July is universally a NINE month, clearing the deck of the previous landscape from the Uranus in Aries environment, to be replaced by the revisions from the seeds planted and growing in the Uranus in Taurus field of intentions. The transparency aspect comes into play as Jupiter turns direct on July 10th, opening the curtains to reveal the motives and ethics from Jupiter’s backtrack from March 9th 2018. Capturing the true elements of Motives, ethics, and values brings focus to the seeds planted and growing during this time. On July 12th, Sun shines the light onto the use or mis-use of power and intentions as the Solar Eclipse at 20 Cancer signals a time of new beginnings. With two powerful aspects on this day, many new beginnings will create a very active and busy time. The cosmic Grand Central station will be bustling with activity. With Pluto at 20 Capricorn, the shift into the next gate brings us to a new environment. Additionally, more powerful aspects begin to set the stage for the Mercury retrograde in late July through August. The Lunar Eclipse brings in the powerful Sun in Leo and Moon in Aquarius, and the Mars retrograde that is aligning with the Moon to revise the direction of humanity, individually and collectively. These cog-turning aspects bring in a perfect square on August 1st of Mars retrograde to the Uranus in Taurus era, changing the stage, redirecting our terrain, direction and journey. With Uranus turning retrograde on August 7th, the new era begins to shift and change people, places and things, all according to the values and intentions planted into this new Uranus in Taurus era. With the jumpstart of the ONE month of August, we also have an additional Solar Eclipse on August 11th at 19 Leo, which will signal this new era is becoming the power of this next phase. The Mercury retrograde in August and Solar Eclipse both in Leo, provide a new level of leadership and power, one that can only be aligned with transparency, ethics and values.

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Written by Karyl Jackson

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