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Major Aspects in 

March 2019

March 5 - Mercury turn retrograde - 29 Piscses - 10:10 am PST

March 6 - Uranus enters Taurus

March 6 - Sun conjunct Moon - NEW MOON  - 16 Pisces

March 6 - Sun conjunct Neptune - 16 Pisces

March 14 - Sun conjunct Mercury retrograde - 24 Pisces

March 15 - Mercury retrograde square Jupiter - 23 Pisces / 23 Sagittarius

March 20 - Sun enters Aries / Equinox

March 20 - Sun opposition Moon - FULL MOON - 1 Aries / 1 Libra

March 24 - Mercury retrograde conjunct Neptune - 17 Pisces

March 28 - Mercury turns direct - 6:59 am PDT

March 30 - Mars enters Gemini

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March / April 2019

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Alpha Trends newsletter Mercury Retrograde March 2019

March / April 2019

Spiritual Blueprints adjusted to reflect our journey in the Uranus in Taurus Era

2019 is a THREE universal year and March is universally a SIX month, which gives us a new level of creativity to bring into the year. Thinking outside the box and trying different avenues becomes the key to the THREE year of 2019. March brings in the importance of balance. With the SIX focus we will  address many situations and circumstances that are at odds or out of sorts that need to be resolved. These problems are also the stepping stones to bring harmony and balance into our life.

With the Mercury retrograde in Pisces, from March 5th through March 28th, the issues of our spiritual essence, inner awareness and Divine connections come into focus to solve and bring into balance. Pisces rules our inner spiritual essence, which is invisible to the outside world, yet encompasses everything we do. This inner essence will be the empowering energy that begins to change the outside circumstances to align with our spiritual blueprints. This Mercury retrograde coincides with the shift of Uranus out of Aries and into Taurus, creating a New Era.

This Uranus in Taurus Era begins on March 6th, with the pathway infused through the collection of our words, actions and motives used during the Uranus in Aries phase, from March 2011 to March 2019. Our new pathway is created from the summation of our efforts and attitudes. While Uranus was in Aries, we had to be a singular energy to determine what the True Self was capable of doing. We might have had people around us, but our efforts and accomplishments were completely because of our own motives, ethics, efforts and actions.

How people responded to Uranus in Aries is very different. From one side of the spectrum many seemed to complain that they were given too much, that too much effort was required and the situations were not fair. The attitude of entitlement created a lot of blame and anger toward others and outer circumstances. The response was to demand that others should carry their load as situations were defined as unfair, but yet their rewards should be more than others. Even with carrying the lightest load, requirements for efforts or help to others was met with the entitlement attitude that it was all unfair, the drive toward ease (and victimhood) became the hallmark of this side of the spectrum.

The chosen response reveals the True Self.   The response from the other side of the spectrum, was very different. Many had to rise up, with little or no help, determine what needed to be done, scaled the cliffs and sheer walls of situations carrying a very heavy load. The focus was on using every ounce of effort and will power to get as much done as possible, while helping others along the way. Rising up to accomplish all that was needed, expanded an attitude of humility through seeing how much more needed to be done. The drive to accomplish and help, pulling energy from all levels (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual) to make a difference. The motives of purpose and passion pushed the edge of the envelope to find yet more strength to do all that needed to be done.

Full Spectrum of Response. With the chosen response to situations during Uranus in Aries, the True Self was revealed.  One side of the spectrum complained with every task while carrying the lightest load, yet on the other side of the spectrum many carried the heaviest load because it needed to be done, helped others as their strength and humility grew. Carrying an attitude to help and accomplish everything possible, provided the ever-expanding environment of work to be done. Through the chosen response to situations, qualities of the True Self were revealed.

Chosen Response determines our future days.  Balance will be achieved through the shifts and changes that set the new stage during March and April. With the efforts, actions and attitudes from the Uranus in Aries phase, two sides to the spectrum and everything in between becomes visible. The Mercury retrograde in Pisces, from March 5th through March 28th, shifts our spiritual blueprints and revises our direction. Chiron (brings in our savings account earned from our efforts) collects our motives, efforts, attitude and drives along with our accomplishments. Chiron connects with Mercury in Aries on April 19th, at 3 Aries, which opens up the results of our efforts to set the pathway to the transition of our new journey. Chiron brings our efforts to pave the way for the Uranus in Taurus Era.

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