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Major Aspects in February 2020

February 2 - Mercury reaches 28 Aquarius   (Mercury retrograde return point - same degree reached on March 9th)

February 3 - Mercury enters Pisces

February 9 - Sun opposition Moon - 20 Aquarius / 20 Leo - FULL MOON 

February 16 - Mars enters Capricorn

February 16 - Mercury reaches 13 Pisces - hovers til February 18th - Turns retrograde

February 18 - Sun shifts into Pisces - Mercury moves retrograde - 13 Pisces

February 21 - Mars trine Uranus - 3 Capricorn / 3 Taurus

February 23 - Sun conjunct Moon - NEW MOON - 4 Pisces

February 25 - Sun conjunct Mercury retrograde - 7 Pisces

February 28 - Venus square Pluto - 24 Aries / 24 Capricorn


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January / February 2020

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January February 2020

January/February 2020

2020 is a universal FOUR year. As a building year, FOUR brings forward self-discipline, effort, responsibility and accountability. This FOUR year requires a planned and organized approach to all aspects of the year. Work is associated with the FOUR, and how we approach those tasks and projects set the pace for using our efforts to build, streamline and accomplish the tasks required. Right after the champagne corks land, the line-up of planets in Capricorn, Sun, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto give us a series of tasks and projects to get organized as accountability issues are integrated into the requirements.

January emphasizes change, information and communication. As the first month of the year, major information comes into the picture creating change of circumstances and thrust forward the themes for the New Year. The theme for the year begins with key aspects that surround the events on the 10th, 11th, 12th and 13th. The focus topic is created by the line-up of planets in Capricorn; Sun, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto.

The critical planetary connection is clearly the Saturn and Pluto connection that occurs approximately every 38 years, but occurs in a different constellation. The last time Pluto was in Capricorn was from 1762 to 1778. However, Saturn was not connected to Pluto while in Capricorn, but was connected to Pluto in the following sign of Aquarius, from 1785 – 1788. The significance of Saturn and Pluto can be seen throughout history as a time to solidify Saturn’s accountability with Pluto’s use of power. This Saturn/Pluto historical conjunction occurs in 2020 and creates significant changes within the world landscape, especially during the next three year. With the New Moon on January 24th, the Chinese New Year follows with the emphasis on Aquarius aspects of fairness, equality and true justice.

As the FOUR universal year of 2020 signals a new focus on responsibility, self-discipline, accountability, planning, organizing and mastering accomplishments, the New Year gives us tasks, tall orders and projects that need to be accomplished. The year will have demands that require a disciplined approach and an unending stream of energy. The previous universal FOUR years to review our own past history include 2011, 2002, 1993, 1984, 1975, 1966, 1957 and 1948, etc.

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