“To believe in the things you can see and touch is no belief at all;  but to believe in the unseen is a triumph and a blessing.”  Abraham Lincoln

Major Aspects in 

September 2017

September 3 - Mercury retrograde conjunct Mars - 29 Leo

September 5 - Sun opposition Neptune - 12 Virgo / 12 Pisces

September 5 - Mercury turns direct - 29 Leo - 4:30 am PDT / 7:30 am EDT

September 6 - Sun opposition Moon - FULL MOON - 13 Virgo / 13 Pisces

September 9 - Mercury enters Virgo

September 16 - Mercury conjunct Mars - 8 Virgo

September 19 - Mercury opposition Neptune - 12 Virgo / 12 Pisces

September  19 - Sun conjunct Moon - NEW MOON - 27 Virgo

September 22 - Sun enters Libra - Equinox

September 24 - Mars opposition Neptune - 12 Virgo / 12 Pisces

September 27 - Jupiter oppsitions Uranus - 27 Libra / 27 Aries

September 28 - Pluto turns direct - 17 Capricorn

September 29 - Venus opposition Neptune - 12 Virgo / 12 Pisces

September 29 - Mercury enters Libra 

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Written by Karyl Jackson

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... Mercury adjusts our spiritual blueprint  launching us into new directions ... 

This week, September 17th through September 23rd, begins as Mercury connected to Mars on the 16th, activating information that has a surge of new energy behind it. Bringing this information forward into this week sets the pace and holds the keys to forward movement as we are ready to move beyond the old situations to prepare for our new nine-year cycle.

Sunday Moon connects with Venus, bringing in the positive notions that give us a sense of well-being. This aspect brings us a way to attain the balance we are looking for. Venus helps to round the inner edges that exist from past situations that keep us from moving forward. On Monday, Moon connects with Mars and Mercury to assist in the push to keep the information moving forward, and gives us a reason to take the steps necessary.

Tuesday brings Mercury to a balance with Neptune, as the information moving forward is making important adjustments to our spiritual blueprints. The adjustments, as we balance information and sooth the inner edges, brings in the alignment on an intuitive level. This awareness brings a readiness as we come to the springboard that launches us into new directions. Achieving the balance of Mercury and Neptune prepares us for the New Moon late on Tuesday evening. Inner realizations are a major source of this process as Neptune points to our new directions and requires we cross the threshold into our next phase.

Friday, Sun shifts into Libra, bringing change with the seasons, the Equinox ushers in the new energy, giving us a way to know the time has come to make these important changes. Sun shines the light onto the partnership-oriented Libra connection that also highlights Jupiter’s transitioning through the last several degrees of Libra. These last few degrees prompt adjustments that push us out of one direction and into another.

We focus on the new connections and relationships that are a part of our next cycle. By moving through this important week, we begin to be prepared for the last week of September. The last week of the month holds the dynamic and powerful aspects that push us beyond the old environment and into our new focus, role and purpose.  

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Written by Karyl Jackson

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