“To believe in the things you can see and touch is no belief at all;  but to believe in the unseen is a triumph and a blessing.” 
                             -  Abraham Lincoln

Major Aspects in 

February 2019

February 4 - Sun conjunct Moon - NEW MOON  - 15 Aquarius

February 5 - Chinese New Year - Year of the Boar

February 10 - Mercury enters Pisces

February 12 - Mars conjunct Uranus - 29 Aries

February 14 - Mars enters Taurus

February 18 - Venus conjunct Saturn - 17 Capricorn

February 18 - Sun enters Pisces

February 18 - Mercury conjunct Neptune - 16 Pisces

February 19 - Sun opposite Moon - FULL MOON - Supermoon - 1 Pisces / 1 Virgo

February 22 - Venus conjunct Pluto - 22 Capricorn

February 27 - Moon conjunct Jupiter - 22 Sagittarius

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Written by Karyl Jackson

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... The Supermoon rises, right action to align with spiritual awareness ...

This week,  February 17th through February 23rd,  begins with Monday’s aspects creating a major shift. The three major aspects on Monday opens the week, sets the pace but also shifts the energy and emphasis toward right action. An additional shift that has a strong, overarching influence is Chiron shifting into Aries early Monday morning on February 18th. Chiron will begin to collect all of our efforts and responses to situations that have occurred while Uranus was in Aries (March 2011 to March 2019) and begin to bring them into our transition pathway and journey throughout the New Era. (Read more below)

The first aspect, Venus connects with Saturn. Venus brings in the focus on resolution, while Saturn points to the areas that are in need of fixing. Saturn becomes the taskmaster to provide responsibilities, efforts, projects and themes that we need to attend in a way of finding the solutions needed. There are no shortcuts with Saturn, our efforts are the only thing that works with Saturn.

Also on Monday, the Sun shifts into Pisces joining Mercury and Neptune already in Pisces. Late in the evening Mercury connects with Neptune, the first of three connections that have a major purpose in revising our spiritual blueprints. As this connection occurs, the almost Full Moon rises to become the strongest Supermoon of the first three months of 2019. The choices emphasized become emotionally charged with the elements that are revising our spiritual blueprints.

Mercury reaches 16 Pisces on Monday, as the Full Moon grows into the Supermoon. This key point becomes important as March brings in the Mercury retrograde shifts that occur for most of the month. The 16 Pisces point provides the return point for Mercury in the backtracking process. Clearly the focus on Monday becomes the critical point that will be revisited in March as the instigator of major change.

The Full Moon spans the Pisces/Virgo sectors that emphasizes right-action choices. With 1 Pisces and 1 Virgo bringing in the intensity early Tuesday morning, dynamic emphasis takes shape with the ability to take right action as spurred through intuitive connection with the Divine. Tuesday and Wednesday continues the major themes to revise our spiritual blueprints, with the balance provided by our inner and outer connections with right action.

By Friday, Venus connects with Pluto, to push for resolutions regarding the use of power. The Venus emphasis on love, money and well-being becomes the playing field that was first addressed on Monday, with Venus connecting to Saturn. The requirement to solve issues started the week and throughout the week’s events gained intensity as Venus connected to Pluto. Venus brings resolutions by emphasizing harmony and balance. Major issues brought forward on Monday through Saturn becomes the taskmaster to direct our need to address and deal with specific elements, the focus to bring resolution by planning, organizing and bringing in a solid working solution becomes the purpose of the aspects for this week.

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Written by Karyl Jackson

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