“To believe in the things you can see and touch is no belief at all;  but to believe in the unseen is a triumph and a blessing.”  Abraham Lincoln

Major Aspects in December 2016

December 2 - Mercury enters Capricorn

December 10 - Sun conjunct Saturn - 19 Sagittarius

December 13 - Sun opposition Moon- FULL MOON - 22 Sagittarius | 22 Gemini 

December 19 - Mercury turns retrograde - 15 Capricorn

December 21 - Sun enters Capricorn

December 26 - Jupiter opposition Uranus - 20 Libra / 20 Aries

December 28 - Sun conjunct Mercury retrograde - 7 Capricorn

December 28 - Sun conjunct Moon - NEW MOON - 8 Capricorn

December  29 - Uranus turns direct - 20 Aries

December 31 - Mars conjunct Neptune - 10 Pisces

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Written by Karyl Jackson

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... December brings focus to new goals and commitment to new path ...

This week, December 11th through December 17th, continues the focus on setting new goals with the Sun connection to Saturn at 19 Sagittarius. The goal-oriented Sagittarius prompts a fiery connection with taking action to align with goals and purpose. Tuesday Sun and Moon align to create a Full Moon blending the Sagittarius goals with the Gemini stepping stone details. This Full Moon accentuates the information that is coming in, hitting the shore to bring in important information that prompts actions, new goals and a revised perspective. Tuesday highlights the 22 Sagittarius Sun and the 22 Gemini Moon, to align the information to take action with the information needed to align actions to goals.

The information hitting the shore on Tuesday continues through the remainder of the week to bring key issues to the foreground. The Mercury element of the month is focused on Capricorn, which aligns with career and business pursuits. Mercury is surging ahead of the Sun to open the doors for Pluto’s emphasis on influence and bringing in powerful elements needed to bring a positive perspective forward into the current time. Mercury holds the Pluto elements of the previous nine-year cycle and will provide the overlay to the current situations to bring in a new perspective, creating a bridge into the next phase.

Mercury continues to become a magnetic connection that pulls the information into the current time period. Mercury has information that stems from the 2008 beginning of the one-year of this current nine-year cycle, as the power of influence from the philosophy and connection to spiritual beliefs have been integrated into the current time of transition. As the whirling events bring in new information, many of the events also open the doors to the elements that were operative at that time.

Going back to 2008 becomes a reflective journey that ignites the powers that were utilized at that time; to pursue with truth and bring forward a true perspective may look as though they didn’t progress, however the elements of Mercury are pulling these issues forward to integrate with the current time. All is visible and all becomes integrated with the current focus of intention. Many unseen forces are bringing forward the bridges that will open new opportunities as we progress into this time of transition.

Mercury Retrograde Phenomena Graphs are available to download, clarifying the transitions occuring. 

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This week, April 26th through May 2nd, begins with Moon connecting to Jupiter in Leo, expanding the bold, dynamic events that are emerging to move you forward.  The promise thacomes with Jupiter’s connection with Leo provides the expansion of the creative energy and the doors that open because of thebold actions that are taken when it is easier to just not participate.  Leo provides the leadershipvV emphasis that comes with the ability to take action and move in a particular direction without outer guidance.  

On Thursday Mercury shifts into Gemini, which means that Mercury is more than 20 degrees ahead ofhe Sun and has moved into a different sign than the Sun, which creates the feeling that situations are disjointed.  Mercury flying into Gemini brings in more communication, information and spontaneous events.  The situations thatbegin to occur feel that the logic and methodology are missing and decisions have become a bit more chaotic.  The Sun doesn’t move into Gemini to join Mercury until May 21st.  This becomes increasingly challenging because airy Gemini creates many thoughts and ideas that begin to fly around, yet lack a solid place to land.  

Preparing to review ideas that seem to fly through situations sets the stage for the Mercury retrograde that is coming up on May 18th as Mercury reaches 13 Gemini.  Turning retrograde to allow the sun to catch up is welcomed as Sun once in Gemini, joining Mercury, can begin to shine the light onto important decisions to create a new pathway forward.  As we begin to feel disjointed with Mercury shifting into Gemini at the end of April, we are also getting ready to shift into the month of May on Friday.  May is universally a FOUR month, which requires additional effort to maintain the pace that is activated by Mercury in Gemini.  

Mercury will continue to fly around, tossing ideas and concepts into the already chaotic airwaves.  By maintaining the ability to act and not react, there will be more ease about the situations that seem to become the wind that blows one way and then another.  Flexibility is key as is knowing many decisions made will be changed or revised later down the road.